Floral Collection - DIY Wreath


Product: 10cm metal hoop

10cm metal hoop
15cm metal hoop
20cm metal hoop
25cm metal hoop
30cm metal hoop
35cm metal hoop
40cm metal hoop
10cm bamboo hoop
15cm bamboo hoop
19cm bamboo hoop
26cm bamboo hoop
29cm bamboo hoop
10cm rattan wreath
15cm rattan wreath
25cm rattan wreath
20cm rattan wreath
30cm rattan wreath
1 x DIY flower box


  • Hoops are made from 3 different materials - metal, bamboo and rattan
  • Please choose hoop size and material carefully
  • Hoops and artificial leaves/flowers sold separately
  • 1 bunch/vine per order of items A, B, C and E
  • Item D contains 6 leaves
  • DIY flower box contains a random mix of artificial flowers