LED Temperature Color Changing Faucet


Style: Transparent

Solid Brass
  • Have fun decorating your bathroom with this unique LED light faucet which changes color as the temperature does!
  • Made from premium brass with chrome finish.
  • LED light color is blue between temperatures of 32-93°F / 0-34°C.
  • LED light color is green between temperatures of 93-111°F / 34-44°C.
  • LED light color is red between temperatures of 111-129° / 44-54°C.
  • LED light color flashes red for temperatures above 129°F / 54°C.
  • 4 x easy to install AA batteries required to power LED light (not included).
  • Flow rate: 2GPM (7.57L/minute).
  • Both hot & cold water options available.
  • All installation accessories are included.
  • Free Worldwide Shipping & 100% Money-Back Guarantee